Creating sustainable, uniformed, and improved efficiencies.


Through our years of experience and industry knowledge, Pro-Serv has been able to provide standardization of services and efficiency competence that result in cost savings and productivity for our customers.

Due to the current economic climate, we have had an increased demand from our customers to reduce costs in every phase of our business, while maintaining quality service delivery.

Since the major component of our business is direct labor, we are continually evaluating opportunities to deliver greater efficiencies in this area.  We are continually evaluating the performance of new cleaning chemicals for greater efficacy, and improved health and safety compliance.

We also focus on the following areas to drive efficiencies:

  • Account managers and supervisors convene on a regular basis to monitor processes.
  • Improved performance models through elimination of non-value added steps.
  • Improved equipment and technology for staff to improve productivity.
  • Employee training periodically evaluated and upgraded to optimize service performance.


Green Equipment

Pro-Serv utilizes low environmental impact cleaning equipment, including vacuum cleaners certified Green Label by the Carpet and Rug Institute, microfiber technology, and carpet cleaning and hard floor equipment designed to minimize water and chemical usage, while reducing emissions.

  • Innovative technologies
  • Water conservation
  • Energy efficiency
  • Time savings/productivity


Environmentally Sensitive Chemicals

We start with low environmental impact cleaning chemicals and dispensing systems, including Green Seal and EcoLogo certified bio-based chemicals, and other products with a more environmentally preferable profile.  Indoor air quality is not compromised by the introduction of harmful toxic or bio-accumulative products.  We promote the reduction of chemical waste and usage through:

  • Dilution Control Systems
  • Employee Education
  • Quantity Tracking
  • Technology




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