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Parking Lot Striping Service

A freshly striped parking lot makes a great first impression.

Parking Lot Striping

One of Pro-Serv’s most popular and widely requested services is that of parking lot striping in the Phoenix area business sector.

Pro-Serv’s parking lot striping service makes your parking lot more attractive, efficient and safer for clients and tenants.

Your Parking Lot is Your First Impression

A parking lot is one of the first things noticed by customers, clients, and visitors entering a facility. The color contrast of a newly striped parking lot is attractive and is a good indication that the property owner cares about the appearance and quality of their business and also cares about the ability to accommodate clients properly.

Make your Parking Lot Safer

Handicapped parking space icon painted in yellow on concrete.Safety in your parking lot is vitally important to the well-being of your clients and helps make your lot easier to use. A well-marked parking lot directs people safely around the parking area. Crosswalks, stop bars, loading zone markings, and properly marked pickup areas inform pedestrians where they should walk, when to give right-of-way to traffic, and what areas to avoid. Clear and bright markings show drivers when pedestrians may be near and where to drive and park their vehicles. A well-marked parking lot also gives drivers clear instructions on which direction to go and on how to avoid entering a parking row from an unsafe direction.

Pro-Serv holds itself to the highest standards of safety in parking lot striping for Phoenix area businesses. There are federal safety standard codes put in place by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) for parking lot striping that help keep all pedestrians safe. In the city of Phoenix, those safety codes are even stricter, calling for wider spaces and more visibly marked spaces.

Pro-Serv uses the stricter Phoenix ADA parking lot striping code standards even when servicing parking lots that are outside of the city of Phoenix, in order to maximize safety for your clients.

Improve Your Traffic Flow by Customizing Your Parking Lot

To help preserve or improve the flow of traffic on a parking lot with Pro-Serv’s parking lot striping services, we will either re-stripe the existing layout or customize a new layout per the customer’s specifications.

red curb fire lane with white no parkingPro-Serv’s experienced parking lot striping team has the ability to relay striping over your existing lot layout or completely remove the existing layout and paint a newer layout that better fits your client needs.
Pro-Serv’s crew removes existing layouts by using one or more of several different techniques. In some cases, water blasting can get the job done and prepare your parking lot for new striping techniques. In other cases, we may need to use chemical strippers and/or media blasting.
Whenever possible, we encourage the use of non-chemical techniques or environmental friendly chemicals. However, in some instances a client may need or want a stronger chemical used. Non-abrasive techniques that involve chemical use are all designed to have minimal impact on the environment. When using chemicals, Pro-Serv has strict clean-up protocol in place that ensures protection of the environment and meets EPA guidelines.

What is the Process for Parking Lot Striping?

White parking lot lines painted lines on a concrete parking garage floor.Pro-Serv works to make the parking lot striping process easy and convenient for both businesses and their clients. First, we meet with the property owner to determine what their parking lot design needs are.  We help them to design a striping layout that is client-friendly and safe.

Our experts will also meet with your building’s tenants if they have questions or if the property owner wants to get their input. After we meet with the client and plan the design, the plans are drawn up by our expert staff.

On the day of job completion, the parking area is cordoned off with caution tape, cones and flags. The surface is then swept, washed down and blown off. After a 4-to-6 hour drying period, the striping begins and is generally dry and ready to drive on within an hour of completion.

Most parking lot striping jobs can be completed within a twenty-four hour period. Our experienced staff schedules parking lot striping jobs to be done when they are least invasive to your client base, even if that means working overnights or weekends.

How Often Should I Get My Parking Lot Re-striped?parking lot stripes in covered parking lot

The frequency of striping a parking lot varies largely depending on client use. Most companies re-stripe their parking lots every six to twelve months. Lesser used lots can be re-striped every one to two years.

Why is Parking Lot Striping Important to My Business?

A bright, newly striped parking lot gives an appearance of professionalism to potential clients and lets them know that their safety is of top priority. The codes for parking lot striping in Phoenix are very strict, and fines are issued for owners of lots that are inappropriately measured, have an unsafe slope or width or have signs that aren’t at the legal height requirement. Pro-Serv is well-educated in the Phoenix safety standards for parking lots and uses those standards for all of their parking lot re-striping jobs.

Why Should I Choose Pro-Serv for my Parking Lot Re-striping Needs?

red fire lane curb with no parkingPro-Serv has been in business for over twenty-six years, and currently employs nearly 400 people. Our company has been able to expand and grow over the years because service is our top priority. The team at Pro-Serv cares about you, the client. Doing the right thing and being accountable is what matters to our team, from the CEO on down.

Also, Pro-Serv’s experience and equipment capabilities allow us to service even the toughest of jobs. No matter what the parking lot striping needs at your Phoenix area business, we have the ability and the commitment to do the job well. Let the experienced staff at Pro-Serv help you make your parking lot say “top notch”.

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