Parking Garage Cleaning

Pro-Serv is proud to be the Phoenix Metro areas premier parking garage cleaning service and maintenance company. We have decades of garage cleaning experience.

Keep your Garage Clean and Safe

Unfortunately, commercial parking garage cleaning services are an often-overlooked aspect of building maintenance. As building maintenance experts, we know that parking garages need consistent professional cleaning services and maintenance to keep them safe, clean, and provide a positive first impression for your tenants, employees, and guests.

Services We Provide

Pro-Serv is your solution for all of your parking garage cleaning service and maintenance needs. Our services include, but are not limited to:

Power Washing

  • We can provide power washing with up to 4000 PSI & 240 degree hot water combined with detergents & degreasers to help brighten your concrete, remove those stubborn oil stains, coffee spills, gum, bird droppings and other surface stains. All power washing services include water management.

Power Scrubbing

  • We can provide power scrubbing for efficient and cost effective solutions to help clean and meet your parking garage cleaning and maintenance goals.


  • In between power washing and/or scrubbing Pro-Serv can provide sweeping services to help remove trash and light surface debris on a consistent basis keeping your garage presentable to your patrons. We offer air vacuum trucks and broom sweeping machines to meet your cleaning goals.

Day Porter

  • Help keep your parking garage or structure in tip top shape by taking advantage of our day porter services police trash, report vandalism, change out trash can liners, greet patrons with a smile, and general up-keep of the cleanliness of your property.

Light Maintenance/Handy Man

  • Our maintenance professionals can help you and your team with light maintenance needs such as bulb replacement, painting projects, dry wall, light electrical, light plumbing, and general handyman services.


  • We can stripe your parking stalls, directional arrows, stop bars, safety zones, curbing, and more while keep your garage compliant with local guidelines.

ADA Signage

  • Our team will help make sure your garage is current with all local ADA compliances and can install any signage or barriers needed for your parking garage.

Pro-Serv Industry Services

Pro-Serv cleans and maintains all types of garages and structures. We specialize in many industries including, but not limited to:

  • Property Management
  • Office Building
  • Medical
  • Retail
  • Construction
  • Event

Safety First

Pro-Serv provides reliable and safe parking garage cleaning and maintenance services through various safety training, project management practices including water management, a variety of proven systematic cleaning methods, and using the industry’s newest and greatest technology.

Scheduled Maintenance or One-Time Cleaning

Contact Pro-Serv for all of your parking garage cleaning service needs. We can customize a cleaning service and maintenance plan for your parking garage. We can also provide parking garage cleaning services for your one-time project needs.

Contact Pro-Serv for

  • one-time parking garage cleaning needs,
  • an existing parking garage cleaning plan you need pricing for,
  • help in creating a parking garage cleaning service and maintenance plan.

Contact Us. Our team will meet you on site, walk and inspect the parking garage, present a scope of work to best meet your cleaning and maintenance goals. We’ll also provide competitive pricing for the cleaning services and maintenance you needs.

Dedicate Account Managers

All of our service includes a dedicated project or account manager for all customers to assure all services and maintenance agreements are fulfilled as promised including strong communication throughout the process from estimating to completion.

Pro-Serv looks forward to partnering with you and your team for all of your cleaning and maintenance needs.

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