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Parking Lot Sweeping Services

Pro-Serv specializes in collaborating with your team to design a custom parking lot sweeper program to maximize your budget.

If you’re looking for a company to keep your parking lot looking its best, call Pro-Serv. We support all aspects of your parking lot including sweeping, striping and power washing.

Parking Lot Sweeper Services

Pro-Serv utilizes a customized parking lot sweeping pattern for your property to ensure that our sweeping vehicle removes cigarette butts, paper, plastic lids, coffee cups, cans, leaves, glass and other debris that accumulates in your parking area.  Our team is equipped with backpack blowers to hand blow all the sidewalk areas, corners, around parking blocks, and other areas not accessible with our parking lot sweepers. In addition, we alert and will notify you and coordinate with you the removal of any illegally dumped items on your property as well as report vandalism.

Parking Lot Cleaning Packages

We provide various packages for all customers including offering GPS tracking of parking lot sweeping vehicles and pictures upon every occurrence, so you can assure we were at your property.  Not only can you be assured we were at your property, but you can see the exact pattern the sweeper truck swept at your property’s parking lot.

Parking Lot Sweeping Equipment Options

Pro-Serv offers a wide range of sweeping equipment to meet all of your sweeping needs.  We can dispatch small vacuum trucks, small Tennant broom sweepers, or large broom street sweeper trucks to assure your property’s needs are met.

Contact Pro-Serv using the form at the bottom of this page. We can collaborate with your team to design a custom sweeping program that maximizes your budget.

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